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Jin Si Tuo Cha
Brand & Factory : White Crane, Xiaguan Tea Factory | Type : Sheng/Raw | Vintage Year : 2010
(rating: 4.4 out of 5)
This is a high grade Tuo Cha from Xiaguan. Jin Si Tuo Cha's gold ribbon is embedded into the tea leaves during the compression process and signifies of the exceptional quality tea leaves used in its production. The aftertaste is remarkable and lingers on after a few sips. Simply a must have for all Xiaguan Tuo Cha lovers and collectors.
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Reviews & Ratings
New to puer. Bought 6 different ones to taste. This is my favorite of them all. It has rich flavor and is camphory on the ending. Smooth and flavorful. I dont know what puer teas do upon aging, but I will be buying much more of these for storage. I suppose, perhaps, that if its this good at the beginning that it must get really good after some time.

Philip (11/17/2013)
A very good tea: the plum-like sweetness that I have found in other sheng puer from Xiaguan is nicely complemented by a subtle smoky note.

Alessandro (3/3/2010)
This tuo cha has a very nice aroma,maybe quite smokey but still very fresh and promising.The leaves quality is good.I havent tasted it yet and ill wait some time for its developement (if i can resist,its so inviting!)

Pierantonio (9/2/2008)
This puer is really great! A little young (-05), but already tastes wonderful. Sweet and deep taste, not to bitter, and with a lovely aftertaste.

Oskar (3/15/2008)
Im here to tell everybody this shop shipped my ordered product much faster as I anticipated. I just ordered my next tea package on 5th of May and the postman delivered it on 15th of May. So happy Im and the teas taste is still great. Thanks everything for the shops staff and the growers.

Albert (5/16/2017)
Well Im here again and just want to tell for everybody that this tea is still tasty after one year consumption. If you do not believe me then try it and tell us what your opinion is.

Albert (2/15/2017)
As I mentioned in my previous remark, this tea is extremely excellent in quality. The delivery was sooner as I had expected. I can suggest this shop for everybody because sellers care about their customers as if customers would be their clients. Thanks growers and producers for their contribution.

Albert (10/10/2016)
This is a second remark about this great tea. Firstly my friend from China told me I should try out this tea because she has a great experience about its taste. It was my best decision to accept her suggestion, because this tea is really great. It has excellent taste and gives me fresh feeling all day long. Thanks growers and producers for their contribution. Furthermore, I would like to thank everything for this shop because the delivery was very punctual.

Albert (7/26/2016)
This product is great and the delivery happened in time. I can suggest this shop for everybody who like drinking excellent tea.

Albert (3/30/2016)
Excellent tea, with light plums scent (at least I think it is plums) and sweet aftertaste.

Philip (11/17/2011)
Smells good and looks to be of good quality. Ill be aging this one for a while before breaking into it. A note to potential buyers: this is a round bowl, not a flat cake. Although this is noted in the description, the image doesnt make it clear.

James (1/18/2011)
it is a very flavour and harmony tea. it taste a sweet and delicious liquor.

Ricardo (5/13/2010)
Very good raw pu-erh. Rather sweet, but there is a bit of bitterness, especially in first infusion. Also the piece is hard to crush, it is little troublesome.

Paweł (1/10/2010)
Need further aging. The tea leaves are of high quality. Still tightly compacted. May have to steam to get to the tea.

Fred (6/5/2008)
this is a good tea for the price though it is young it is mellow and leaves a long lasting cool taste on your breth.

ryan (3/26/2008)
(disclaimer: pu-erh newbie!) I love this tea. The flavor is deep with a hint of sweetness, surprisingly good for how young it is. It makes multiple delicious infusions. Im going to buy a couple more of these to hang onto. My only "problem" with this tea is that its so tightly compressed, I can barely break off any pieces! Not really a problem though.

Dave (2/20/2008)
Xiaguan is always a good pu erh but needs time for aging to get rid of some bitter notes during the first infusions. Very pleasant sweet aftertaste. This one should age well.

Kim (10/11/2006)
Young, powerful and aromatic with great potencial for ageing.

Armandas (8/7/2006)
Nice piece of Tuo Cha, only I did not see the gold ribbon with the tea cake.

Chung (7/3/2006)
This is a delicious young Puer. I would give it four and a half stars because of its extremely appealing flavor; a hint of smokiness but also smooth with hints of fruit, and lasts many brews. Its simple and really good, great to drink now or save.

Danica (5/11/2006)
Very nice aroma with a wonderful smoothness after the first seeping.

James (11/17/2005)
excellent tasting tea that will age gracefully

jose (11/2/2005)

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